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Steffen Weber consulting fritz and weber

Dr.agr. Steffen Weber

Owner & Management Consultant
Weber & Fritz Consulting
Malmö area, Sweden
Mobile: +46 708 98 24 94

Project Management
Business Transformation
Program- and Project Management
Process Management
Product Management

  • 20+ years in the Ag industry
  • Agricultural Engineer with international experience
  • Broad experience and rich toolbox to improve delivery, collaboration, digitalization platforms and implementation of strategies in both steady-state and restructuring/M&A environments
  • Seeds product development (Ph.D. in plant breeding)
  • IT tool design, -delivery and implementation
  • Process management (certified BPM Master, AIIM)
  • Product management and –launch
  • Agile Software Development (Certified Scrum PO®)
  • Project- & Program Management, Change Management (certified MSP® Practitioner)
  • Quality- and Compliance management
  • German (native), English, Swedish (fluent), French
  • Empathetic leadership, team- and people development
  • R&D- and cross-functional Product Management leadership in agricultural crops
  • Digitalization, automation and continuous improvement in R&D, Supply Chain and Sales in agricultural and vegetable crops
  • Strategy design and -implementation in both, enterprise and operational contexts
  • M&A, restructuring, business carve-out
  • General Management
  • Delivered blueprint, benefits-driven vision, and change management approach for a strategy- and ERP implementation of a €400 Mio agricultural machinery business within 6 working weeks
  • Facilitated and anchored digitalization and automation for seeds R&D for global Ag player through enterprise-wide R&D Process Model and process management concept
  • Facilitated numerous operational- and pipeline improvements through a structured, cross-functional team approach for process management. Amongst that, eliminated 11% in purity testing cost across crops.
  • Engineered data-driven decision-making to automate breeding processes in global Seeds R&D department of a $100 Mio seeds business. Directed its simultaneous restructuring and subsequent carve-out. Realized 40% of savings in operational cost, delivered a new footprint, and implemented a new research strategy.
  • Eliminated corporate compliance risk by delivering a $24+ Mio enterprise-wide program to support Track & Trace of seeds material in R&D. Directed standardization of material handling and logistics processes and design of supporting IT systems.
  • Migrated global R&D department with annual budget of $+27 Mio to enterprise IT platform, overcoming 6 years of change resistance
  • Integrated and improved collaboration between R&D, Supply Chain, and Marketing & Sales by simplifying enterprise-wide product stage plan
  • Kept product registration and -launch for European GM potato variety on track and target by effective coordination and execution of material ramp up and storage
  • Built-up and directed seeds biotechnology screening platform, delivered numerous screening projects on time, budget and specifications

Susanne Fritz-Weber

Owner & Consultant
Weber & Fritz Consulting
Malmö area, Sweden
Mobile: +46 73 2270 886

Competency Management
Curriculum Design
Business Development

  • 20+ years in Education and Individual Change Consulting
  • Change professional with international experience
  • Broad experience in group- and individual training & coaching for individuals going through significant personal-, professional or cultural change as well as custom-tailored training design and -delivery
  • Educational Science (MSc in pedagogics)
  • Didactics
  • Psychology, Sociology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intercultural communication
  • Competency analysis
  • Curriculum design
  • German (native), English, Swedish (fluent), French (comprehensive)
  • Empathetic leadership, people development
  • Expat training and coaching
  • Public and private education
  • International Relocation
  • General Management / Company Administration
  • Business development
  • Built-up and directed consulting business delivering language training and intercultural coaching services to global players
  • Co-founded Weber & Fritz Consulting
  • Trained numerous private industry clients in languages and supervised in intercultural adaptation
  • Coached numerous private clients going through significant personal changes upon relocation and/or professional development
  • Defined and executed quality reviews for training and education delivery
  • Designed training concepts for intercultural training of expatriate workers from various global backgrounds
  • Designed and delivered curriculum for language training and culture coaching for numerous classes of students with diverse migration backgrounds
  • Analysis, testing, tracking, and follow up of student’s competencies in various teaching subjects (psychology, languages)
  • Identified, recruited, and managed personnel and service providers for educational services

Karin Håkansson

Weber & Fritz Consulting
Kristianstad area, Sweden
Mobile: +46 708 57 14 19

LEAN Education
Project Management
Event Management
Process Management

  • 25 years in agriculture with breeding, consulting, teaching, and project management 
  • Agronomist with profound background in crop breeding, crop production and consulting
  • Design and delivery of education and practical training programs in agriculture
  • Agronomy (MSc)
  • Commercial Plant Breeding
  • High school education and teaching in agriculture
  • LEAN management (certified Toyota model LEAN coach)
  • Project- and process management
  • Event management in agriculture
  • Leadership (leadership practitioner)
  • Swedish (native), English
  • Plant Breeding in Sugar Beet and Oats
  • Consulting in agriculture and crop production
  • Higher Vocational Education and teaching in agriculture
  • Definition and delivery of LEAN education- and coaching programs at agricultural companies
  • Trade fair design, organization and delivery
  • Project management
  • Bred and delivered pollinator lines for hybrid varieties of sugar beet at Hilleshög, (today Maribo-Hilleshög)
  • Master project on mutation breeding in oat
  • Practical support of breeding operations at various breeding stations (Svalöf AB, Hilleshög AB, Plant Breeding station in Farndon, Chester, GB)
  • Delivered numerous LEAN coaching programs for several agricultural companies (HIR Skåne)
  • Developed and implemented the Higher Vocational Education (post-graduate education that combines theoretical and practical studies in close cooperation with employers and industry) for managers and foremen in agriculture (Önnestads Higher Vocational Education Center)
  • Teaching foreign students at Higher Vocational Education in agriculture in LEAN production
  • Prepared and completed various courses for farmers in plant cultivation, leadership and LEAN
  • Responsible for an agricultural fair (around 20,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors) with a combination of demonstration crops, exhibitors and experts, practical demonstrations of machinery and seminars (Borgeby Fältdagar)
  • Developed in project form a website for the agricultural market
  • Served on management team and board of directors (County administrative board, Skåne Län)

Sara Johnson

Weber & Fritz Consulting
Helsingborg area, Sweden
Mobile: +46 708 16 10 07

Project Management
Operational Excellence / LEAN
Business Development
Human Resources

  • Agronomist with a profound consulting background (HIR Skåne)
  • 25 years in agriculture with consulting, sales and marketing, project management and process management, innovation and development 
  • Agronomy (MSc)
  • Process management
  • Lean management (certified Toyota model lean coach)
  • Project management
  • Leadership (certified leadership practitioner))
  • Rural development (academic)
  • Swedish (native), English (fluent), German (comprehensive)
  • Business development and general management
  • Communication and Stakeholder Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Human Resources, work environment, and recruitment in agriculture and rural areas
  • Rural development: sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and recreational development
  • Advisory services in agricultural production
  • Started a new advisory service aimed at employers in green industries. The advice includes strategic management, HR, work environment, and recruitment
  • Started and runs “Green business development“ comprising coordinating and driving of innovation and development work within a consultant company
  • Developed and established Swedish agricultural magazine “Arvensis”. Started and developed supporting communications organization addressing editing, sales, distribution, and administration
  • Delivered Lean coaching services for several agricultural companies
  • Started and ran “Green Employment Service”, a job-center service for professionals new in the green industries
  • Started, organized, and managed several projects for various farmers’ water councils in Southern Sweden coordinating their activities and work for compliance with legal regulations and local policies and directives
  • Managed pre-study and dialogue between municipalities and land-owners for the region’s most important recreational hiking trail
  • Coordinated and delivered a range of diverse projects under Southern Sweden’s “Rural Development Program” umbrella
  • Contributed to several Community-led development projects to foster collaboration and relationships between the public, business, and non-profit sectors. Managed project for strategy development in North-Western Scania.
  • Served on the management team, board of directors, and several coordinating management functions. 

Sofie Palmér

Transformation & Management Consultant
CEO at Wider view AB
Malmö area, Sweden
Mobile: +46 705 76 11 02

Management & Business Development
Project & Program Management
Sales, Marketing and Communication
General Management
Team Creator

  • 7+ years in the Agricultural industry
  • 15+ in B2B within automotive, agri machinery, logistics
  • MSc of Business Administration & International finance
  • Experience in leading complex change programs, ERP-programs, process and profitability improvements including business restructuring
  • Team creator with clear goal communication
  • Empathic leader with negotiation and mediator skills
  • Process improvements from strategic to hands on
  • IT system procurement, delivery and implementation
  • E-commerce solution project management and delivery
  • Sales, Marketing and Communication
  • Project- & Program Management, Change Management
  • Swedish (native), English (fluent), Danish (fluent) French
  • 20+ years of management in roles such as CEO, deputy CEO, CFO, After Sales and business area manager
  • M&A, turnaround and e-commerce projects within the agricultural sector
  • Workshop efficiency and profitability improvements within the agricultural machinery sector
  • Regional manager and business area manager within the agricultural machinery sector
  • Start up of several companies and business areas from scratch, putting organization, processes, IT-tools and sales and marketing strategies into place
  • M&A, restructuring, turn-arounds
  • General Management
  • Initiated, anchored, communicated and led change management program incl coaching of the management team for turnaround of a 250 m € turnover company in the agricultural machinery business. Delivered on time and turnaround achieved, initiatives still used as a model by the company
  • Initiated, anchored, communicated and led a change program in several Nordic countries including introducing new brands, organizational change, closing businesses, starting a 3PL business and leading an international steering committee within the agricultural machinery business. Delivery on time, business case KPIs achieved.
  • Program lead and stream lead in several ERP-system changes
  • Initiation, negotiation, contracts and implementation of 3PL solution worth 2 billion within the automotive spare parts sector.
  • Merger of aftersales and back-office organization in Swedish-Danish Group
  • Project lead and launch of e-commerce solution for spare parts within the agricultural machinery business. Delivered on budget and 6 weeks before deadline.
  • Created shared service organization from scratch for an automotive group with companies in Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. In 6 months, I had a well-functioning team up and running, offering a wider service range, shorter delivery time and substantial cost savings for the group.
  • Turn around of several agricultural machinery workshops in Sweden through clear goal communication, KPI introduction, improved processes, communication and teamwork initiatives. The model and methods for “how” are still used successfully by the client.

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