Results and Experience

Benefit from our experience and competence to realize your full potential.

Our passion is to help organizations and teams to adopt, adapt or turn around.

Turning Strategy into Results...

Bringing strategy to life

An extensive track record of achievements in implementation across different disciplines and contexts is proof for our capability and know-how in bringing strategies to life.

Strategy Implementation Results

  • Separation of global R&D department from enterprise R&D platform
  • Process Owner Teams and Process Model for global R&D department
  • Set up new legal entity after business carve-out
  • Restructured a global R&D organization with significant headcount impact
  • Redefined research strategy, organization and footprint for a global Seeds R&D pipeline
  • Designed, piloted and directed integrated Training function for global Seeds Development department
  • Led R&D integration of Seed company acquisition
  • Designed and implemented Process Management approach for Seeds Development department of a global player
  • Facilitated tangible efficiency gains through Process Owner Teams for Seeds Development department of a global player
  • Designed, piloted and implemented Process Model for Seeds Development department of a global player
  • Implemented core Codes of Practices (Line Purification, Stage Plan, Material Movement, Track & Trace) for the Seeds business of a global player
  • Re-designed global Stage Plan for Seeds business of a global player
  • Directed process standardization and tool design for biological material Track & Trace for R&D department of global player

... with Empathetic Leadership ...

Empathetic Leadership

Driving results through people requires interpersonal and intercultural skill and competence. We leverage both to help your people with reaching goals and realizing benefits.

Leadership Achievements

  • Set up and directed global Process Management Consultant team
  • Designed, built, and developed cross-functional collaboration model for Process Management Consultant Team of global Seeds Development department
  • Designed global organization for Excellence function: Integrated Process Management Team with Technology-, Training-, Infrastructure- Quality- and IT departments
  • Re-designed and directed global R&D department
  • Designed, piloted, and implemented cross-functional Process Management Teams and Process Ownership approach for Syngenta R&D
  • Designed & implemented cross-functional Product Teams for a global Seeds business
  • Organized and led cross-functional GM Trait project
  • Designed, built, and led cross-company collaboration for a global Seeds technology project

.. across industries and disciplines.

Background in Agriculture and Life Science

Rooted and educated in Agriculture with 20+ years in the international Ag industry, we offer broad experience and a rich toolbox in research, product development & -launch, IT-implementations, training, restructuring and M&A.

Industries and Disciplines

  • Delivered change analysis for an agricultural machinery business’ ERP- and strategy implementation
  • Drove identification and acquisition of Process Management automation tool
  • Built-up and chaired new legal entity after carve-out
  • Designed and delivered divestment sales pitch for a global Seeds R&D pipeline
  • Designed and implemented integrated Training function for global Seeds Development department
  • Developed and directed screening service platform
  • Directed change communication for an enterprise-level business transformation
  • Implemented processes, IT systems & new business change approach for enterprise R&D of a global player
  • Led R&D IT System Migration of complete Seeds R&D pipeline overcoming major change resistance
  • Directed R&D IT System Migration
  • Directed and conducted Business Analysis for a pipeline evaluation of business unit R&D
  • Designed global quality standards and implemented those in the local research site

Strategy Implementation Results

Separation of R&D department from a global platform

Situation: A business unit of a global enterprise was up for divestment and the unit’s R&D department had to be carved out from the enterprise R&D platform within a few months after the divestment decision.

Target: Execute R&D carve out to provide a viable stand-alone R&D for the business unit and ensure the remaining enterprise R&D platform to stay intact.

Approach: Established transparent overviews for personnel, roles, governance, processes, capabilities, IP, infrastructure, equipment, IT systems and tools, research material, and inventory. Formed a joint team- and governance structure and worked line item by line item from respective analyses.

Result: All analyses and decisions for the carve-out were delivered on time so that the divestment plan stayed on track with the very tight timeline. The buyer took over a viable stand-alone R&D department while the affected global platforms of the selling enterprise retained integrity throughout and after the separation process.

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